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Datenbank: Komponisten
Autorenname: GLOVER, ANDREW
Zusatzinformation: [E]
St. Louis native Andrew Glover joined the staff of the C. L. Barnhouse Company in October 1998, and serves as staff composer, arranger, editor, and Chief Operating Officer. Previously, Glover taught instrumental music in the St. Louis area, most recently as Director of Bands at Rosary High School. He received a Bachelor of Music Education degree from Central Methodist University and did graduate work at Southeast Missouri State University.

As a composer and arranger, Glover has nearly 200 works to his credit. He began writing music for band while in high school, and his music has been performed, recorded and broadcast by bands worldwide. He has appeared as guest conductor, clinician and speaker on numerous occasions, and for many years also performed as a euphonium soloist. For four years he was a member of the Detroit Concert Band, conducted by Dr. Leonard B. Smith, and participated in numerous recording sessions with the DCB.

An enthusiast of classic concert band music and history, Glover is not only involved in new music production at Barnhouse, but also oversees the company's 120-year archive of publications, which serve as the main source for Barnhouse Archive Editions. He is a member of several music associations, including ASCAP
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