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Datenbank: Komponisten
Autorenname: HANNICKEL, MIKE
Bilddatei: Komponist/Composer
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Ergänzungstext: Mike Hannickel studied at California State University, Sacramento, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in music composition and trumpet performance as well as a teaching credential. His Advanced Studies Certificate in ‘Composition for Film and Video’ is from the University of Southern California where he studied with well known movie and TV composers David Raksin, Alexander Courage, Patrick Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, and others.

A member of the California Music Educator’s Association and ASCAP, Mike Hannickel has been music director in the Rocklin Unified School District (California) since 1973, focusing on directing Elementary and Junior High bands and orchestras.

In addition to teaching and composing for school-age groups, he has conducted his compositions in Hollywood area studios such as Capitol, Paramount, and United-Western. Credits include independent motion picture scores, documentaries, multi-image productions, songs, and commercials.

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