The correct search
The accents (à, é, ô etc.) and ß can not be used.
The umlauts (ä, ö, ü) can be used.
Numerals in titles can be writen as number or text (2 friends or two friends, both are possible).
All titles are usually stored in the language of its appearance.
If possible, then enter short phrases in the respective search fields.

If you do not know exactly how a composer's name is written, respectively, he is found in our database, you can either look in the library "composer", or enter a short, sufficent fragment of the name. But don't forget, if you're looking for "Johann Sebastian Bach", enter the name as: Bach J S

How long will it take until delivery?
The shopping cart of our database contains products from almost everywhere around the world. Of course, the delivery time can differ. Experience with our suppliers has shown: products in stock are delivered at once. Orders to suppliers in the German-language area take about one week, orders to the rest of the EU take about 1 or 2 weeks and orders to the USA take about 2 or 3 weeks. You can reduce delivery time if you order per express delivery. In that case, you get your consignment within half the time mentioned above for a small extra charge. (This is experience and no responsibility is accepted for the correctness of this information).

Who delivers the products from the shopping cart?
Harmoniemusik.net has many partners in a lot of European countries and in the USA. Orders from the shopping cart are passed on at once to the respective partner. Delivery and clearing is made directly from our partner to the customer. The advantage: You get all pieces from one supplier and save postage and transfer costs.

Are the prices quoted in the database binding?
All the prices quoted in the data bank are non-binding guide prices. There is price-fixing for publications in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and the current market price of the publisher will be invoiced. We hope you will understand that with more than 180,000 records not every price change could be executed at once, despite thorough updates. For products from overseas the current exchange rates are used for pricing so there could arise some differences to the price quoted (both upwards and downwards). The Austrian VAT is included in all the prices (10 % for publications and 20 % for records and accessories). Usually, the delivery is made from the country of the customer, so the prices increase or decrease, depending on the VAT of the supplier country.

How can I make the payment?
Delivery is made completely by our partners to clubs and institutions with invoice and transfer form or with delivery note and monthly invoicing (according to the status of the customer). Private customers are normally delivered COD or with payment by credit card, regular customers get an invoice with transfer form. You can find the terms of business at our partners. For further information, please contact Harmoniemusik.net.

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